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Issue One

          August 2016

Brian Michael Barbeito

Birds of Summer

Artist Statement

The photographs are from an ongoing photo essay narrative called Mosaics: Journeys through Landscapes Urban and Rural. In Southern Ontario there is a mix of fields, forests, parks, natural habitats, and the same or similar places offer different atmospheres because  we experience all four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Most of the pictures are simply and appreciation of nature and artifacts like barns, old vehicles, or silos in the sun. But it is also interesting and important as a nature walker to observe the urban world creeping up trying to overtake rural environments. Some of the photography work depicts this as a form of ‘aesthetic reporting’, and then lets the viewer decide what the images may mean beyond themselves.

Brian Michael Barbeito is a resident of Ontario Canada. He is a writer and landscape photographer. Recent work appears at Fiction International and The Broad River Review. Brian is the author of the chapbook Chalk Lines (Fowl Pox Press, 2013).