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Ion Corcos

Love in Time

Like a pain in the stomach, a knot on the shoulder,

a sweat of the palms, you are the devil.


Your head rolls off into bushes looking

for a beast, until you locate it running out of shrubs,


observe how it stops, stares with harsh eyes,

a stick on the road pretending it’s not a lizard.


This is just one part of its life. Your finger shows me that,

just as it’s one part of yours. Your cheek is the soft light


of the full moon, eyes the sea where the moon reflects,

your smile the sound of crickets, hoot of the owl,


Athena in her city; the way you walk the sway of the donkey,

the winding road, the mountain herbs I smell along the way,


mountain tea. Your hand is smooth, a hard rock

washed by a river flowing thousands of years,


the touch of your fingers the storm-battered shore.

You are a woman that has found wings, but is still a lizard,


a bird that does not want to linger on the ground,

that will soar high, between trees, forests,


mountains, continents. You are the fledgling

that has found its way, the bird that I look for in myself,


without the hard skin. You are the bird without sorrow,

the boundless sky that I fly in when I dream.

Issue One

          August 2016

Ion Corcos has been published in Axolotl, Bitterzoet, Every Writer and Ishaan Literary Review. He is a Pushcart Prize nominee. He is currently travelling indefinitely with his partner, Lisa. He is also working on his first poetry collection, Like Clouds, and a chapbook inspired by Greece. Ion’s website is www.ioncorcos.wordpress.com