November Bees
Issue Three Winter 2017 Molly Cimikoski

Star Charts

Our orbits collided somewhere

in the middle

of the crosswalk—

at the intersection of Main and Marine—under



At our first point of contact,

your star fell into my rotation,

except instead of rising daily

(as Helios does

so lovingly, so habitually

for Gaia)

for me, you materialize

just once or twice a year,

until your attention wanes.


Scientifically, I cannot explain

this shift in axis; your proximity,

combined with acceleration

and our gravitational pull,

could/should measure several

Earth years of light,

but instead, I am left

in darkness, eclipsed

entirely by the flare

of your affection.

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Molly Cimikoski was born and raised in beautiful New Hampshire, but now spends her days in sunny Los Angeles. She recently completed her master's degree in English and Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University and is pursuing her goal of becoming a teacher.