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Nick Brush

The Tigris

Tigris, Tigris,

burning bright

because some

dumbass Private

threw a lit cigarette


onto the oil-slicked

bank, the embers

igniting the film

that flows from

the countryside


into and through

the heart of Tikrit.

How the fuck

am I supposed

to extinguish a river?


I don't think this is

covered in our Field

Manual for Land-to-Water

Refueling, and When

Nonflammable Liquids


Become Engulfed in Flames

isn't listed

as a section

in our Standard

Operating Procedures.

Issue One

          August 2016

Nick Brush is a former editor for The Oklahoma Review. His poems have been published both in print and online in Dragon Poet Review, Cuento Magazine, and The Gold Mine. His book reviews have been published in The Oklahoma Review and Cybersoleil. He currently resides in Edmond, Oklahoma.