Sharif Shakhshir

The Seer and Carolyn

[I]t's too late, always has been, always will be too late.

– Dr. Manhattan, The Watchmen

A fortune teller doesn’t feel things less.

When we will talk in front of your Accord

you’ll say, I would be a fool to love you.

Saying that there’s a sick, old cat at home

in constant need of calling from a tree.

The family’s fragile. Needles to pick up

like calls from lawyers. Two years time your home

will have a feline grave, syringes bedded

in Persian carpet, and a vacant room.

Your things are gone. Your car is gone. You’re gone

And nothing changes. Still you’d be a fool.

But now, tonight, your fingers find their way

to stubble on my beard, and scritching through hair.

You find yourself feeling a bit silly.

Sharif Shakhshir is an Arab/Latino poet who studied creative writing at UC Irvine and USC. His work largely includes but is not limited to the oppression or heartbreak of animals and otherwise magical beings. His work appears in Westwind, Crows Hollow, and The Anthology of Writing that Risks.

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