Vincent Frontero

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From The Other Side

Pledging hours of

waste to the streets I was

Alone in the crowd of

Skinny dippers  and


screaming blankets covered my eyes while

tiny town USA was being stripped of her

Bravery medals

and afterwards


When only the sound of the sewage line breast pump

could crack my inattention I opened my eyes

and saw


old faithfuls dried up womb

Shore Kids

We traced

The inlets Ascension

To a heaven of sea gulls

and fried pork gasses


Where we swallowed our teeth

With salt water and

Captain Morgan Rum

Vincent Frontero is an undergraduate english and creative writing student at the University of Alabama, originally from Spring Lake, NJ. He has been previously published in Picaroon Poetry, Oddball Magazine, and Typehouse Literary Magazine.

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